Fill in your tasks based on the task category

During the adding of tasks to the calendar we have noticed that many times the task name is a part of the task category name.

We have for example a task category named “videos” and we created a lot of tasks with “remind me video” , “video 1”, etc.


Add task window

To make it somewhat simpler to fill in these tasks with the next update you can simply select the “task category” and then edit the name of the “task” in the Add Task window.

So instead of first filling in the task name and then the selecting the project and task category, you now have to first select the project and task category then  automatically the task category name will be added to the name textbox.

Then you can proceed to alter this task name.

This alteration of the task name will only work if the task name is blank or contains the previous task category text, since you probably won’t want the task name to change when you have already inserted the propert text.

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