Premember version 1.0.2 release

We have just released a new upgrade.

If you already have Premember installed there is no need to download the new version

You can upgrade to this version by going to “Help” > “Check  for updates”.

New Features

We have made some improvements to the calendar so you can now:

  • Resize a task in the calendar by dragging and holding the top or bottom of the task.
  • Move the calendar up and down when dragging or resizing a task.

Also we have made some improvements with the inserting of tasks; you can read about how that works in the post fill in your tasks based on the task category.

Planned development

With the next upgrade there will be views implemented that will make it see easier for you to see when and how long you worked on the different tasks.

We are planning to make a week and a month view, so if you have any requests regarding views feel free to make a comment here or join our discussion in the forum.

The filter wizard will also be changed so it will be easier to add Screenshot filters.

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