Why we created time tracking software with the ability to look back into time

What do you want your time tracking software to do? I’ll go out on a limb and say: Track the time you spend on projects.

Although this sounds simple enough, in practice it’s never quite as easy as portrayed and I had quite a struggle finding an easy-to-use (non time consuming) time tracking software.

I work with a company called Hesiod Software. And just like our name suggests, we create software.

We are a young company and in our search for a time tracking program we couldn’t find one that fit our needs.

First we tried to track time throughout the work day but that didn’t work.

We found out that the last thing we wanted is keeping track of our time during work, since it was breaking our thought flow which in turn didn’t help our productivity.

The work of keeping track of your time is probably in the same range as answering phones during work. 😉

The next thing we tried was filling in our hours at the end of the day; relieved from the interruption during work we were optimistic. It turned out to be a pain to stay after the end of our work-day trying to give a detailed overview of the hours spent on the different projects.

So it usually got shifted to the last day of the week or the first day of the following week, and although this seemed like a good idea at the time, we found out on Friday afternoon that our memory was not as good as we believed it was. The headache came.

We were forced to spend time pondering on what we did and when we did it. As a result we again ended up wasting our time.

We decided we needed a program that keeps track of our time spent on projects without us having to remember it ourselves.

And that’s how the idea of Premember was born.

A piece of software that gives you the opportunity to look back into time so you can fill in your hours in a simple way at the end of the week.

You can try the Trial version for 31 days, after which you can decide to keep using the free Light Version or switch to the Standard Version .

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