Automatic Time Tracking

We have just finished developing a new feature which makes it possible to fill in your tasks automatically.
This feature will be available in Premember version 1.2.0 and later.

How does it work?

With this new feature you can add tasks with the click of a button.

To add tasks to a complete week, right-click on the week calendar in the Main Window and click on “Auto Add Tasks” in the popup menu .

Week Calendart automatic add tasks image 2

When you do this the tasks will be automatically added and you will see a message reporting how many tasks have been added.

Week Calendar automatic add tasks image 1

To add tasks to a particular day right-click on the Day calendar in the Remind Me Window and click on  “Auto Add Task” in the Popup menu.


To make this automation possible you have to assign a Task Category to a filter.

The filters can be configured in the General Configuration.

You can reach the general configuration by going to Configuration -> General.
In the Configuration window you have to select the “Remind Me” tab.
When you click on Edit or Add you will you now see the following  Screenshot filter window:

Screenshotfilter automatic add tasks

Here the following items have been added:

  1. A check box with the text “Enable automatic time tracking”
  2. Here you can select if you want to use the automation option for this filter.

  3. A list box with the Projects
  4. Here you can select the project name of the project that shall be assigned to the task.

  5. A list box with the Task Categories
  6. Here you can select the task category that shall be assigned to the task.

When you check the Automation check box and choose a Project and Task category, the filter is configured for automation and tasks can now be  automatically inserted.

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