Who we are

Hesiod Software is a young technology driven company focused on providing value to it’s customers. We believe that we can help our customers make more money and save time by making time tracking, billing and time management easy. We try to go beyond what would normally be expected of time management software, to ensure that our products add value to our customers lives.

Hesiod Software is dedicated to helping freelancers and small business owners get the most out of their most precious recourse: TIME. Our goal is to help you, the freelancer or small business owner, keep track of your business so you can save money and time to focus on more important matters. We want to make time tracking, billing and time management easy. Premember is designed to become the premium time management and billing software for the digital freelancer and small business owner.

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On our name

The name Hesiod is shared with a Greek poet who have lived and worked around 700 BC. Hesiod’s writing serves as a major source on Greek mythology, farming techniques, astronomy and especially ancient Greek time-keeping.


Premember is Hesiod’s flagship time management, time tracking and billing software, to learn more about our software please go here.

To learn more about Hesiod our products and time management check out our blog here.