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Create a Custom Property


This Walkthrough will guide you through the process of creating your own properties.

This is necessarily if you for example want to create a bill with a price based on the total number of hours you worked.


  1. Go to the word configuration.
  2. Road to Word Configuration

    Path to the word configuration.

  3. Click on the “Custom Properties” button(6) in the Word Configuration Window.
  4. Word Configuration

    Word Configuration Window

  5. Click in the Custom Property Window on one of the following buttons :

    Property Types

    Custom Property Window

    1. Edit task custom properties
    2. Goes to the task position.

    3. Edit Task Category Custom Properties
    4. Goes to the task category position.

    5. Edit Project Custom Properties
    6. Goes to the project position.

    7. Edit General Custom Properties
    8. Goes to the general position.

  6. Click here to to learn more about the hierarchical structure and where to add a property.

  7. Click add(2) in the Custom Properties Window
  8. Property List

    Custom Properties Window

  9. Fill in the following variables in the Custom Property Window:


    Custom Property Window

    1. Display name
    2. The name of the property , this value will be displayed at the top of a table and thorough out the configuration.

    3. Display type,  Choose here one off the following types how the final value of this property is displayed in the word document:
      1. default
      2. The variable is displayed as plain text.

      3. hourmin
      4. Displays the value in a format “hh:mm”. where “hh” eqauls the number of hours en “mm” the number of minutes. The value is a value in minutes so if the value is 70 it’s displayed as “1:10”.

      5. currency
      6. Displays the value as a number with a precision of 2.

    4. command name
    5. The name that you have to use in a word template or table to indicate that this property value must be displayed at that position.

    6. Select the type that this property is, currently there are 3 types:
      1. integer
      2. A whole number.

      3. double
      4. A number with a precision of 15 digits

      5. calculation
      6. A calculation, currently the following operations are possible Plus(+),Minus(-), Multiplication (*) and Division(/).

    7. value
    8. the value  to put in your display. If the calculation type is used this is the place where the formula should be placed. For Example “( #tasktimespend# * 3)”. Look here for a list of the standard variables you can use in your calculation.

  10. press “Ok”, now your newly created Custom property is visible in the Custom Property List.