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There are 3 kind of variables:

  1. Tables
  2. Standard Properties
  3. Custom Properties

Below is a Complete list of the tables and standard properties.

Custom properties can be made inside the word plugin ,here is a walk though how to make them.


Name Command
Project table projecttable
task Category table taskcategorytable
task table tasktable

Standard properties

name command variable type hierarchical position
Total time spend totaltimespend Integer Overview
Current Date currentdate DateTime Overview
Start Date startdate DateTime Overview
End Date enddate DateTime Overview
Project Name projectname String Project
Project id projectid Integer Project
Project time spend projecttimespend Integer Project
Task Category name taskcategoryname String Task Category
Task Category id taskcategoryid Integer Task Category
Task Category Time Spend taskcategorytimespend Integer Task Category
Task name taskname String Task
Task id taskid Integer Task
Task start datetime taskstartdatetime DateTime Task
Task end datetime taskenddatetime DateTime Task
Task description taskdescription String Task
Task time spend tasktimespend Integer Task