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Create a Word export project

To make a word export you can use a wizard or fill in the necessary data on your own. Since the wizard is self explanatory this will guide you through filling the necessary data on your own.

  1. Go to the word configuration.
  2. Road to word config

    path to the word configuration

  3. Click the new button(3) in the Word Configuration Window.


    Word configuration window

  4. Fill in the different fields in the “Word Export Project Window” :

    Insert table Word Export Project Window

    1. Name
    2. Fill in a unique name you want this project to be called for example “Invoice Mr x”.

    3. Export Type
        Select here the Export type of the document. There are the following 5 types:

      1. Overview
      2. This will produce one file named “overview.doc” .

      3. SingleProject
      4. this will produce one  file with the selected project name.

      5. AllProjects
      6. This will produce a document for each of the projects.

      7. SingleTaskCategory
      8. This will produce a single document for a task category.

      9. AllTaskCategories
      10. This will produce a document for each of the taskcategories with the name being a combination of the projectname and taskcategory name

    4. Template file
    5. the word document that serves as a template to base the document on, this file must be a “.doc” type. Read here how to make a template file.

    6. Export location
    7. The location where the output document/documents are put.

  5. Configure what columns are visible when you add a table by clicking the “Edit task table”(5), the “Edit task Category table”(6) or the “edit Project table”(7) in the Word Project Window.
  6. Look here how to edit the table after clicking the button.

  7. Press “Ok”, Now the project is created successful.