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Create a Word template


The customized document you want to use you can make the same way you make any other word document.

The only difference is that you mark spots where you want to place data from within Premember and the document has to be saved as  “.doc” file.

Walk through

  1. Open word
  2. Type the text you want to be displayed in your document
  3. Insert Standard properties.
    This is done by following these steps:

    1. Search up the property you want to be displayed here.
    2. Search up the text in the command column.
    3. Insert the text in the command column between ## in you word document.
  4. Insert custom properties in the document
  5. Insert bookmarks in word on the places where you want tables to be visible.
    In word 2007 this is done by doing the following steps :

    Insert table

    Word open while inserting table

    1. Select the location in word where you want to add the bookmark with your left mouse button
    2. go to “insert”
    3. press on “bookmark”.
    4. insert the table name in the bookmark name field.
      Look here for a complete list of the tables you can insert
    5. Press “Add”.
  6. Save the word document as a “.doc” file.