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Projects & Task categories

To start tracking time you need to create a project first. the hierarchy in Premember is project – task categories – tasks. Every project has it own set of task categories. you use the task categories to track time spend on different parts of the project you are working on. How to do this is explained below. you can also watch Tutorial 1: Taskmanager to learn more.

When you start up Premember it always opens on the calendar screen.

Premember Main Window

The first step in creating a project is clicking on configuration > general and selecting the project tab. On this tab you can add or edit projects and task categories. Click the “Add” button next to the project and fill in the name you would like to use. For example : Client 1 website.

Now you can start adding task categories to the project. For example: website editing. Click the Add button next to Task category. I type website editing in the name bar, select a color (this color is shown in the calendar when you add tasks to the calendar) and click “Ok”. Now the Task category “website editing” is added to the project’s task categories list. You can add multiple task categories to a project. To edit them (change color or name) select them in the task categories pull down control and click on edit.

Premember Configuration Window Project tab screen 1

You can add multiple task categories to a project. In the below image you can see that i added three task categories.

Premember Configuration Window Project tab screen 1

Ok, now this is done. We have created a project in Premember for the work we are going to do on the website for client 1 and we made task categories so we can show the time spend on the different aspects of the job.

You can now use these Project with tasks categories to add tasks to Premember.

In the next  part of  getting started series there will be explained how to Configure “Remind Me”, so you don’t have to think about the hours spend working and just simply fill it in at the end of the day,week or even month.

For further reading you can read the second part :  Configure Remind Me