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Tracking Time

We have made a project with task categories and configured filters for the “Remind me” window and worked all day. Now it is time to look back and write down the hours.

First we need to start Premember, Premember always opens on the calendar screen. Which is blank for now.

Premember Empty Main Window

I would like to see what I did today, so I will click on the button named “Remind me” above Wednesday.

Remind Me Window Today

Now i see I worked on the website from 11:27 AM till 5:00 PM. I will write that down in the calendar, right click on the calendar at 11:30 AM and left click on “Add”. this opens the Task menu.

Remind Me Window Add Task 1

Because the hours I spend today on editing the website are going to be billed to client 1 website. I select that project. and for task category i will use website editing. The end time will be 5 o’clock PM so i will fill that in. And since this is the first edit. I will call the task “first edit”. Filled in it will looks like this :

Remind Me Window Add Task 2

You can also add a note, but i need no note so i will click “Ok” to add the task. Now the the hours worked appear on the calendar, in the color you selected for that task category.

Remind Me Window Task added

You can click on the forward and backward button on the top of the calendar part to look at another day. But i only started working today so I will close the remind me screen to see the task in my calendar.

Premember Main Window Task visible

The total of hours spend on a project or task category can be viewed by clicking on view in the top bar of the calendar, or can be exported to word to create invoices or reports.  See the export to word walk through for more information how to create documents.