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Main Window

The main Window in Premember is where you can create tasks and access the other parts of the program. The Window Consist of a Menu bar and a Week Calendar.

When you minimize the window a icon will appear in the tray bar so you can easy add a task.

Premember main window

The Window consist of the following parts :

Menu Bar

At the top the main window there is a menu bar where you can access different functionality.

Premember main window menu bar

Here the following items  are located :

  1. File
  2. Here you exit the application

  3. Import
  4. Here are the different plugins are located where you can import data into Premember

  5. Export
  6. Here are the different plugins located with which you can export data out of premember

  7. View
  8. Here the different views are accessible.

  9. Configuration
  10. Here is the Configuration of the whole program located. This is separated in the configuration for the plugins and the configuration for the rest of the program.

  11. Help
  12. Here are links to the different help files located and general information about the program such as the version number.

Week Calendar

In the Main window there is a Calendar where you can add, move, change and delete tasks.

The horizontal bar shows the hours and the vertical bar the days of the week.

From the buttons with the Caption “Remind Me” you can access the part where you can look back into time.

To start working with tasks you must first have atleast 1 Project and Task Category, these can be configured in the Main Configuration in the Project tab.

Premember main window week calendar

The Following actions are possible to work with the tasks :

  • Add
  • You can insert a task by right clicking on the desired time and day where you want to add the task and click add in the popup menu.

  • Delete
  • You can delete a task by right clicking on a task and then select the delete option.

  • Edit
  • You can change the properties of a task by right clicking on a task and then select the edit option.

  • Copy
  • A task can be copied by dragging and keeping the “ctrl” button pressed.

  • Move
  • You can move a task by clicking on a task and dragging to the desired position.

  • Resize
  • You can resize a task by clicking on the start or end of a task and dragging it to the desired size.

  • Automatic tasks insertion
  • Tasks can be automatic added to the week calendar when there is atleast one filter configured for automatic tasks.
    The tasks can be added by right clicking inside the week calendar and then clicking on the “Auto add tasks” option inside the popup menu.

Tray icon.

When you minimize the main window there will appear a icon in the traybar.
tray icon 2
Double clicking on it with the left mouse button will bring back the main window.
Clicking on it with the right mouse button will bring up a menu where you can create tasks by start/stopping a task category.
tray icon 1
Since the minimum interval is 15 minutes, there has to be at least 15 minutes between the start and the stop of a task category before a task is created.

The visible taskcategories can be configured in the configuration under the general tab.